The Savings

With a low-risk, pay-as-you-go model, VoIP solutions make it easy to control your costs. You only pay for as many minutes of service as you use. VoIP systems are far cheaper than traditional telecom services on a monthly basis – and with no hardware to install or maintain, they have next to no service costs

Online Features

You have the full functionality of your system wherever you can get online. Redirect your 1-800 numbers, change you message alerts and download call data from home, at a business convention or from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop just as easily as you can in the office. Online telephony is always up to date. As new features become available, a virtual system can add them swiftly and easily.

Space Saver

Hosted phone solutions require no on-site equipment. That means you have more space in your office and you never need contractors to pay you a visit (particularly valuable if your office is just a spare bedroom in your home). Because there’s no physical hardware involved, you never need to worry about maintenance, repairs or upgrades. All three are pushed to you invisibly.

Just One Call Away

We are just a phone call away and with our staffed Live Helpdesk, your concerns are addressed immediately. Our VoIP specialists will be right with you to help set up your phones and train your users. Say goodbye to sending an email or being put on hold only to wait for someone else to call you back.


Compared to traditional telecom, online telephony gives you more for less: greater flexibility, greater control and greater oversight at a lower total cost of operation. Plus, VoIP offers even small businesses the sort of communications tools that were once only found in the largest companies. Have you made the switch yet?