Before the Storm: What to do?

Major storms have a devastating effect on your business. Not only is your business closed during and after the storm the damage done can cause further delays. If your business’s location is severely damaged or a total loss is declared, the delay can be monumental. Fortunately, with disaster relief and insurance, structures, office furniture, all tangible items can be replaced.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not backing up their customer’s data before evacuation. Once the storm moves over, with high winds and flooding, sever data is at high risk.  This is a catastrophic loss no one can afford.

Here are some tips to ensure your customers’ data is safe secure and completely accessible once business is safe to reopen:

1. Online data back-up.
Back up your data to cloud storage. No matter what happens to your in-house systems, the precious data you store will be recoverable in a matter of minutes

2. Back-up servers.
Sever redundancy is a given in the business world. Normally, its 2-3 servers, in a rack, running side by side. New products on the market allow for online and remote servers to be established. Even in a crisis state, your systems are accessible and easily up and running within minutes of activation.

3. Proper security updates.
Its not just politicians who take advantage of a tragedy and thrive. Hackers will look for a way to get your customer and payment information as well. Without proper net security and back-ups, your data is more at risk without these safeguards.

4. VoIP Phone service
With the right company at your back, you can have access to your company’s phone system, anywhere in the world. Newer phone services offer remote calling of your office phone system from your cell phone.

Taking these steps will ensure you are up and running immediately following the storm and aftermath. Having the right technology partner also helps.